• StreetLogic® provides a technology solution that allows retailers to take CONTROL of their off-premise sales.

    StreetLogic's patented mobile storefront technology allows merchants to provide highly responsive and personalized off-premise experiences, while improving efficiencies using real-time inventory communication, artificial intelligence and operational automations. StreetLogic makes it easier for retailers to communicate with consumers and provides complete control over their customer data, brand experience, and product quality.

  • Intelligent Mobile Retail

    StreetLogic software is built on patented technologies that provide retailers a turn-key solution for effective last mile service. Using StreetLogic, standard delivery vehicles are transformed into intelligent and connected customer acquisition machines.

    Real-Time Connectivity

    Through a patented communications method, the StreetLogic knows the exact location of each mobile storefront, and where it's heading. The network instantly pairs on-demand consumers with the most optimal delivery vehicle by analyzing location data, traffic conditions and orders in queue. Once paired with a mobile storefront, customers can view available inventory and ETA in real-time, streamlining the ordering process. Orders are received and prepaid through mobile payment, without the need for any interaction with onboard staff.

    AI Powered Customer-Seeking Behavior

    StreetLogic technology leverages a retailer's customer database to seek on-demand orders. Based on a delivery vehicle's location and heading, personalized digital promotions are sent using automated messaging and artificial intelligence derived from purchase histories. Retailers using the StreetLogic platform maintain complete control and ownership of their customer data.

    Automated Operations

    StreetLogic provides on-demand delivery service to existing brick-and-mortar operations, or used as an off-premise delivery solution for ghost kitchens or fulfillment centers. Real-time communications and operational analytics are provided through the StreetLogic vendor dashboard. This allows retailers to make logical decisions about their off-premise operations, and provides a virtual window for expansion into new markets.

  • “Much more than a simple delivery solution,

    StreetLogic helps retailers straddle the divide between brick-and-mortar operations and the digital realm with a tangible

    convergence of convenience and quality”.

    Despina McLaughlin, Food on the Move

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